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05 December 2010 @ 12:36 pm

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graphics and fic will be public.

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29 January 2009 @ 03:48 pm
29 December 2008 @ 03:37 pm
This is just a little letter that Ryan wrote to Brendon. I guess you could call it a fic. Continue? no? post it anywhere?
when you wake up the world will come around.Collapse )
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18 August 2008 @ 07:09 pm
you tell me what you want me to take pictures of, and i'll take them.
room, bathroom, house, family, school, town, specific items, etc.

26 July 2008 @ 04:12 pm
1-8 meg and dia
9-17 all time low
18-23 ashlee simpson
24-27 audrey kitching
28-34 gabe saporta
35 joe trohman
36-40 forever the sickest kids
41 travie mccoy
42-61 hannabeth ft trace and audrey
62-79 jac vanek
80-107 hilary duff
108-130 kyle burns
131 miley cyrus
132-140 other
141-144 panic at the disco
145-154 paramore
155-156 pete wentz
157 william beckett

16 June 2008 @ 03:31 am
happy birthday to me.
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24 May 2008 @ 11:56 am
Title:  fingers, bunks, and love.
Author: panic_smile  + jennilokay 
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: Ryden, one sided Joncer.
Summary: Ryan learns to say i love you.
Disclaimer: Not ours.
Word Count: 2644
Author Notes: This is chat!fic, yee be warned.



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14 May 2008 @ 07:57 pm
current icon makings, ANYMORE CAN BE ADDED, JUST COMMENT =D

pete and ashley
audrey kitching
hilary duff
forever the sickest kids, mainly caleb and kyle
all time low
meg and dia
jac vanek
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14 May 2008 @ 07:08 pm
what would you like to see icons of?
comment with as many as you'd like.
pictures or websites are appreciated! =D
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10 April 2008 @ 06:11 pm

This was the last thing that anyone had expected to happen. They were best friends, she told him everything. Well, everything except what he did to her.


That was the one thing that she had never told anybody. She never told anybody about the things that he would do to her. The things that he forced her to do, the things he did anyways, the way that he would hit her when she wouldn’t listen, and all of the other things that would happen between them that she swore she would never tell anybody, no matter how much it bothered her.


When Gabe came back from France and saw what a wreck she was he was just heartbroken. He hadn’t ever wanted to admit that he had fallen in love with his best friend, but he knew, he knew deep inside that there was no denying how he felt for Ava.




“You don’t understand! They’re all right! I’m a whore!” She screamed at him, her body shaking with tears.


“Ava, you’re anything but. Can’t you see that? You are amazing,” Gabe spoke in the calmest, most soothing voice that he could come up with.


“I slept with my best friend! I slept with someone who talked to me because I was the slutty twin! Don’t you understand what that makes me, Gabe?”


“Everybody makes mistakes.”


“I’ve made a million too many,” Ava spoke in the softest voice yet and fell to the floor, a mess of limbs and red hair and tears.


Gabe slowly made his way to where she fell, kneeling down and pulling her head into his lap, cradling it.


“Don’t you know I love you?” Gabe whispered almost inaudibly.


“W-what?” Ava stuttered.


With that he leans down and pushes his lips to hers, and grins when he pulls back.


“I’ve waited years to hear you say that.” She spoke, soft as ever, but loud and clear to the boy she was saying it to.




“Gabe! Gabe! Gabe!” Ava squealed jumping up and down.


“Hm, baby?” Gabe asked, smiling.


“I’m not scared anymore.”


“What? Scared of what, love?”


“Life.” She replied, a smile on her face.


“And why not?” He questions, a hand on her cheek.


“Because I have you.”


And you know, all you need is love.

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